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Lead Boost Guarantees New Prospects every month... 

We both know getting new clients is the fuel that powers Business growth. We both know you need a Pipeline of prospects who are ready to buy now. 

But Buyers have changed. The power is with them. Estimates are that 57% to 90% of the  buying research has been done before prospects even reach out to a supplier. 

Maybe you are still trying legacy lead generation approaches of "Hi, Im here want to buy my widget?".  You (or some lead gen. company) churns through hundreds of potential prospects trying to find the 5%-7% who are ready to buy now. But what about the 93% to 95% of prospects who are researching and looking for someone to be the "Helpful Guide"?

You need this 93% to 95% of potential clients in your sales pipeline because this is where the majority of the opportunity is. But you don't have the time or resources to commit to this until they are ready to buy. That's what Lead Boost is all about.

Lead Boost uses our 25+ years of integrated Marketing and Sales experience to:

  • identify all the prospecting options using our prospect analyser;
  • determine the optimal mix of prospects with our priority planner matrix;
  • guarantee you an exact quantity of new ideal leads monthly to hit your revenue targets;
  • identify these guaranteed specific contacts within your ideal target businesses every month;
  • make initial contact with these guaranteed number of prospects to introduce your business every month;
  • continue to communicate with them to understand their challenges and issues every month;
  • become their "helpful guide" to solve those challenges and issues every month;
  • nurture them every month until they are ready to speak to you about your products;
  • pass you only the "hot" and "warm" leads who indicate they are ready to learn about your solutions;
  • provide you with the leading affordable Integrated Marketing and Sales CRM so you have total visibility and control over activity, communications, prospect nurturing and conversion live in real time.

All totally tailored to your Business for one affordable fixed fee per month with a guaranteed number of agreed leads. The first step is a lead boost readiness assessment. It only takes around 20 minutes and you can book in below.

  Get a Lead Boost Assessment for your Business

Client Testimonials



Business Owner

 The Marketing Strategy Company team helps clients identify their ideal clients with a laser focus to Attract leads, Convert them into customers and Retain them as long term clients.



Business Consultant and Coach

The Marketing Strategy Company team helps clients combine both traditional marketing such as Direct Mail and Networking together with Digital Marketing and Social Media.